Case: Eurovision 2016

Case contact: stina.andersson@mktg.com

SILJA LINE – Eurovision Song Contest sponsorship, Stockholm 2016

Kungsträdgården 6-14 maj 2016

Restaurant and Activation area

Globen 9-14 maj 2016

Activation area and dancegroup

MKTG’s mission was to maximize the SILJA LINE national sponsorship of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm between 6th – 14th of May 2016.
Euro Village – Kungsträdgården:

The Silja Line high end restaurant Happy Lobster did a pop-up appearance in Euro Village. It ensured the guests could enjoy the Eurovision frenzy in a true ESC-style – with a glass of champagne in their hands enjoying the entertainment live from stage.

A professional Photoartist transformed our guests to a Eurovision Star in social media via Stjärnomaten. They received their photograph via MMS and helped spreading the world of Silja Line for us. As a thank you they received a cruise with Silja Line. More than 800 pictures where produced and sent to our stars.

The guests could also spin the lucky wheel and get the chance to win a cruise with Silja Line.

Globen – ESC Venue:

But the Eurovision party wasn’t limited to Euro Village – In Globen the visitors could dance their way on to a cruise before the show started. The Galaxy Dancers entertained and brought awareness to the Silja Line activation and encouraged people to dance and spin the lucky wheel.


During the 9 shows in Globen and 10 days in Kungsträdgården we handed out more than 1 500 special offers and 11 200 cruises.

That definitely ensures the Eurovision Party continues on Silja Line.