Case: Huawei P9

Case contact: daniel.bjorklund@mktg.com

Launch of Huawei P9 co-engineered with Leica

Photo Art Exhibition 8th June 2016


MKTG got the brief together with Isobar Sweden PR-department to launch Huawei latest addition to their mobile phone family – the Huawei P9 co-engineered with Leica.

They wanted to launch their dubble lense phone in a non traditional way to the Swedish market and differentiate themselfes by emphesising on the unique collaboration with the renound lens company – Leica.



An Influencer Program was a developed to reach the target audience so we identified 10 well-known social media profiles and equipped them with one Huawei P9 each to use and try for themselves during 10 days. They took pictures during this time span and got to choose 2 pictures each – 1 black/white and 1 in color – one for each feature of the phone.

This project was made in cooperation with the children’s rights organization BRIS and the photos that our influencers posted had to portray at least one out of BRIS’s three core values: Warmth, Professionalism or Hope.  The selected photos developed into an exclusive art exhibition and then auctioned out at the auction side Tradera. All the

proceeds went to BRIS.

By using the Photographic Museum in Stockholm we added seriousness to the launch and focused on presenting the art work with high end technology to enhance the features of the Huawei P9. Approximately 100 VIP guests mingled with the color themed hors-d’oevre and as the grand final a toast was held as the starting signal for the auction to begin.

The Huawei P9 features was interpreted in more ways than just the obvious – the food, minglephotographer and décor was all inspired by the features of the mobile phone.


The auction ended a week after the launch witch made it relevant to talk about the Huawei P9 even after the event witch resulted in a lot of mentions in social media.

Total number of posts: 61

Total reach: 987 960