Case: VIP launch BMW 5-series

Case contact: jonas.kajler@mktg.com

VIP launch BMW 5-series

BMW entered the year 2017 with high expectations as their most important model came with more than a facelift and MKTG said welcome to the brand new BMW 5-series by staging 20 high end VIP launch events over 8 days in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

The events hosted not only two handmade versions of the hero model but also offered the regional dealerships an opportunity to treat their highend customers for a first meet and greet – this even before the car was officially launched to the public in Detroit.

The model, which was first launched in 1974, has in its previous version sold over 2.5 million cars. A legacy that is not only strong but also important to transfer over into the new launch.


The 20 VIP launch events hosted over 2000 excited guests, including the press covering the motor industry at large, and since the new 5-series entered the Swedish market it has continued to take the customers by storm, both on the private and corporate market. That definitely speaks volumes about the BMW Experience.